Sunday, February 2, 2014

Worst Super Bowl

This Super Bowl is nothing short of painful to watch.  As it stands, the score is 29-0 in favor of Seattle.  Fortunately, Chopped has a brand new pizza special on at 9 PM and I won't feel the least bit guilty about making sure I watch the final new episode of Sherlock at 10 PM, which I would've done regardless of the score or quality of the game. 

On some level, there is a certain sadness for Peyton Manning.  His life is filled with great victories, usually coming at a time when no one cares.  Unfortunately for him, his entire team was greatly outclassed.  I mean, I cannot tell you the last time I saw a kick off bounce on the turf, have three members of the opposing team basically run past that spot and then see it taken in for a touchdown.  The fumbles, safety, poor tackling and to be honest, some poorly thrown balls have not helped either.  But for the rest of Peyton's life, he will be forced to dry his eyes on the incredibly large amounts of money he's earned throughout his career, while every sportswriter, hanger-on and Johnny-come-lately lambasts him for being a loser.  I think all of the money proves otherwise, but what do I know.

With regard to commercials, it was good to see Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander together again.  Though admittedly, I'm not interested in a true Seinfeld reunion.  Somethings are best left to history and repeat viewings, though admittedly, I've probably watched two episodes of Seinfeld in the last ten years, even though I would consider it one of my favorite television shows of all-time and by far the best television show of the 1990s.  Also, I saw Fred Armisen hug Bruce Willis and Kia lie to me that a new luxury car is on the way.  Super Bowl, you brought nothing to today.

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