Tuesday, February 25, 2014

True Detective

I was very keen on watching True Detective when it was first announced.  However, knowing it was on demand, I made a slow start, taking a couple of times to watch the first episode, then taking a detour to read about half of the King in Yellow, before finally settling down the last day or two in order to catch up. 

Finishing up the six episodes, I was not surprised by how great Woody Harrelson was in the show.  In fact, it was to be expected, since Woody Harrelson is a tremendous actor.  However, I was completely surprised by how much Matthew McConaughey.  I mean he is Wooderson from Dazed and Confused, which is a great role in a great movie, but I've always associated him with fluff movies and without going to IMDB, I don't think I could name another movie he was in other than Magic Mike.  But here he is, stealing scenes, especially dark scenes at that and really is the center of a truly great show.

It seems I missed the boat on realizing he could act, but life has often taught me that I will miss the boat on these things, since I tend to be not hooked into popular culture.  But I remain surprised, pleasantly so and hate to say cannot wait to see how this whole series ends. 

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