Saturday, February 1, 2014

DDP Yoga: Week 4

Exercise and I are ancient enemies, like oil and water or cats and mice.  Aside from walking, which to be honest, I've always enjoyed as it was good for clearing the mind, exercise was an anathema to my life.  Yet, the thought of regular exercise in my life is farcical. 

So, here I am, four weeks into DDP Yoga and I realize, that regular exercise is good for me.  The hardest part is that exercise does not yield instant gratification.  After a good workout, you have all of this pain and fatigue, yet you look exactly the same.  Part of it is that you are holding back the hands of age.  I started feeling older, probably when I thought I was starting to go bald, but that just seems to be some loose hair in the shower drain.  But I still needed to make better choices to go from existing to living. 

And DDP Yoga gets me there.  The program is well-suited for beginners, especially out of shape schlubs like myself.  At first, I felt pain, lots of pain, as muscles, atrophied from years of office work, were being stretched in ways that I didn't comprehend or want to accept.  Yet, I persisted, which was out of character. 

However, it is the little things which make it seem worthwhile.  Some days, I feel taller, which is strange at my age.  And it gets easier.  For example, my heels are closer to touching the floor in Downward Dog and I no longer feel like I want to die right away when I start Red Hot Core.  It's a gradual process and requires perspective to keep focused and motivated.

I've even given up soda.  In the last two weeks, I've had one soda, while I was out and could not find a juice to save my life.  Even the one soda had no caffeine, which is hard to believe, considering how much caffeine I used to take in every day, but it is the little things that I'm doing for myself.  I definitely feel better and think I'm making the right decisions toward changing my life, which is what I wanted to do with the second chance I've been both handed and taken. 

Also, DDP Yoga has the best customer service I've ever encountered.  There was a defect with one of my DVDs and within 90 minutes, I received an E-Mail letting me know a replacement disc would be sent to me without any further issues.  This was amazing in contrast to my experience with Sony, who required me to work with the online representative, then the phone representative and then required me to pay to send their defective cable back to them in order to get a replacement from a brand new box.  It costs six dollars to buy a new cable, which takes Amazon two days to deliver or six dollars to send it back to Sony to wait another few weeks to get a replacement, leaving me bereft of a cable. 

I guess it could go without saying that I heartily recommend DDP Yoga for not only having a great product, but the good sense to stand behind it. 

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