Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Awkward Date

Yesterday, while at the grocery store by myself, I was in the express lane, since I needed only a few items, mostly produce for Sweetiepig.  In front of me was an older gentleman, probably of retirement age, purchasing a few items.  Most prominent on the conveyor belt were supermarket flowers.  Now, since this is Wegman's, they are better than your standard issue supermarket flowers, but supermarket flowers they were.  He also had a card, likely an anniversary card, though it was too far down the conveyor belt for me to properly read it. 

The older gentleman was also politely flirting with the cashier, who certainly was young enough to be his granddaughter and likely thought him to be too sexually impotent to be more than a cagey old flirt.  So, as they are flirting, I notice the rest of the items in his order.  First, there is the whipped cream, which I could kind of see as an anniversary item.  This was followed by the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, which hopefully means he is really into dessert. 

But what confused me was the last item on the belt.  He was purchasing a fancy dessert, a lemon tart to be exact.  While I don't think of Hershey's chocolate syrup and a lemon tart as being a particularly tasty combination, this was not the issue with the lemon tart.  What was striking about the lemon tart was that it was a single serving, a pastry designed for one person.  While I suspect there was a more likely explanation, such as eschewing sweets or cost, I could not get out of my head, the man was taking himself on a romantic date.  You know, some flowers, a nice card, a fancy dessert with some sweet toppings, followed some romantic time with himself.  This is what I was thinking about at the line in the grocery which I said, good for him!

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