Friday, February 21, 2014

A Pleasant Surprise

When I came home from the Ring of Honor show in Philadelphia tonight, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise in my mailbox, the first QPW DVD, Well Worth the Wait.  While I am far too tired to sit an enjoy watching this DVD, I was more surprised that it arrived today.

Earlier today, I checked the status of the order and the USPS let me know it was somewhere in transit, but not out for delivery.  So, I expected to come home, find nothing of interest in my mailbox and head back into my apartment.  But opening the metal box, I saw a grey, rectangular package which could only be the QPW DVD I was so excited about arriving.  So, here I am, all bleary eyed looking at the package, trying to convince myself not to start watching, since I will fall asleep during the first match, requiring a further rewatching, which I would likely do anyway, but with something you want to enjoy, sometimes you just have to wait, even as you hold it in your hand. 

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