Saturday, January 11, 2014

Who Wants to Go Clubbing in Vancouver Tonight?

My Gmail account is almost ten years old.  I happened to acquire my Gmail account in the early, invite-only testing phase, in large part to running a simulated baseball league during my law school years, as one of our league owners knew someone and gave us invites very early on.  I know, scintillating and nearly scandalous.  This would not be important, but for the fact that I have a Gmail account, which includes my first initial and last name, which you dear reader almost certainly do not.  You might have your full name and a series of numbers, because Gmail became the dominant form of free E-Mail and it is easier if everyone is on the same network. 

And for many years, I had this treasured name and never used it.  In fact, I have 21 E-Mails from my first year with the account, that's received, not sent.  Aside from a few activation E-Mails, my first E-Mail was baby pictures...for someone else.  Someone who is now disturbingly almost ten years old now.  And from here, the cycle begins. 

I would say every so often, but that would be dishonest, but actually fairly regularly, I get E-Mail for other people.  All sorts of strange E-Mails intended for other people.  Once I even managed to get a series of E-Mails for someone who was intentionally forwarding materials to themselves.  But the sexual predilections of Southern Middle School Vice Principals is a story for another day. 

So, today, while running my errands, I was added to a guest list...for a Vancouver.  Now, to be fair to you, dear reader, I live on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, many miles from fair Vancouver.  I'm sure Vancouver is a very nice city and likely has some excellent nightclubs, not that I would be interested in them, as they are full of loud sounds which I find somewhere between distracting and disorienting.  But I do have an invitation.

Seriously, how hard is it to use your correct contact information when registering for something you want for yourself?  There are a fair number of people who like to use my account for their various activities, moving between standard, like the person who has my E-Mail for their Playstation account to the absurd, to the people who want access to a dating site without any of the commitment of people being able to contact them.  Perhaps, they are just specialized voyeurs who love headshots, but can't let anyone like their significant other, commanding officer or local newspaper men know. 

Of course, until then, I will know when other people want to go to clubs, join dating sites or split the purchase of an airplane in the United Kingdom.  True story, someday when I get some fresh material on that one, we can discuss it in greater detail.

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