Monday, January 6, 2014

Shape Up Or Ship Out

To be honest, I've never taken the best care of myself.  I have a weakness for brown, sugared carbonated water.  I once joined a gym, about two years ago.  For the first two months, I went, maybe three times a week, more at first, when it was new, but could never stay motivated to go. I mean the gym was 10 minutes away by car...and there is a four-way stop light.  FOUR WAY, each side takes a turn, which drives me crazy.  But basically, I drove to the gym to walk on a treadmill to come home.  Never did I feel it was worth it.

However, I'm getting older...or old if you prefer.  Not just spiritually, which I've been since I was four, as an old soul has always lived here.  But physically older.  I unscrupulously avoid the stairs, as if they are lined with poisonous snakes which spit glass.  I do like walking, but its cold outside, I mean really cold and that really discourages walking or leaving the apartment.  Regardless, the walk to the store is not going to prolong my life or leave me feeling old and soft. 

So, watching RAW tonight, because at heart, I am a wrestling fan and have been for over thirty years, I saw DDP.  Now, Diamond Dallas Page was late to the game and one of the few workers to go from manager to World Champion, especially into his 40s, but he was motivated and while never a favorite wrestler of mine, someone with a good story and can work the microphone.

And DDP is now best known for DDP Yoga, which is an exercise program, which along with lifestyle changes, allowed Scott Hall and Jake Roberts, two wrestlers many were surprised were still alive, to get a second chance at life in much better shape.  So, seeing an advertisement in RAW, I head over to the website, not committed to buying it, but to just look. 

And look I did.  Not just at the site, but other reviews off-site.  And slowly, over the course of an hour, I convinced myself, I could do this.  I could change my life and take better care of myself.  Honestly, what will likely happen is a strong surge up front, followed by a slow tail off, not really changing anything.  But in life, sometimes you have to take a chance, even if you think you might not commit or follow through. 

So, I now have DDP Yoga en route to my apartment, waiting to see if I can affect some positive change in my life. 

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