Friday, January 17, 2014

Surviving Week 2

I have miraculously survived week 2, currently exhausted from surviving my thirty minute workout.

Now, for the vast majority of my life, there were few dirty words, but exercise was one of them.  I managed to go 33 years without doing anything more strenuous than being mediocre at dodgeball and avoiding all sorts of non-walking physical activity.  I feel one of my life accomplishments was being able to neither perform a push up nor a pull up, which I believe is still true. 

About two years ago, I had an illness, in part, aggravated due to a lack of physical activity...and sleep and eating.  So, during my second day of recovery, we went to the gym, because that was what we did that day.  Entering a gym for the first time since high school, I thought maybe, just maybe I should do more than sit in a chair, wait for the next horrible crisis and on some level, wait to die and perhaps do something. 

With time as my friend for a rare time in life, I joined a gym.  Sadly, the only decent gym was about 12 minutes away through a terrible four way intersection.  So, I would go three or four days a week and spend 30 minutes on a treadmill.  While it was probably good for me on some level, I found myself backsliding all of the way out in under two months.  Of course, I waited another year to cancel the gym membership, but it would require me driving the whole way there...which I finally did.

With time currently being a friend and an enemy, I convinced myself to start DDP Yoga, since the primary benefit was I could do it from home, without purchasing large equipment I had no room to store.  And the first five days, I made it through.  But today was another story. 

Today, I went for my walk and even took a nap in the late afternoon.  After waking up, I honestly thought I wasn't going to do it.  An easy backslide, which I am exceptionally well qualified at.  But as the day passed, I realized I needed to go forward and do it.  And afterward, despite my trepidation and initial lack of desire, I was happy I sucked it up and spent 30 minutes trying to improve myself. 

Most importantly, staying in a routine makes it easier to keep up with things.  So, no backsliding today and I suspect I feel better than if I hadn't, but that doesn't make it any easier to change a life of inactivity. 

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