Monday, October 13, 2014

A Parade Marches Between a Man and His Sandwich

I hate holidays.  More importantly, I hate holidays where I am at work, while other people are enjoying themselves or keeping me from important business, while I am stuck at work. Today was one of those holidays.

While some people like the celebration of the subjugation of indigenous people, other people want to be able to cross 5th Avenue to get a sandwich.  Having some time in my day for a decent lunch, I decided to make the trek across town to DiSuso's Sandwich Society.  I greatly wanted one of their fine Italian sandwiches and started the walk.  Passing 6th Avenue, I see there are barricades, but walking around in New York, you come to expect barricades randomly placed.  Sometimes, there is an obvious reason, sometimes, there is just a barricade across the road. 

One somewhat empty block passes, when I see it, a parade.  A Columbus Day parade.  The New York City Columbus Day parade.  Deciding that panic is over rated, I begin the walk downtown.  Going one block, I see what I think will be an opening.  There are people looking to join into the parade, which might mean one block to salvation and sandwiches.  Crossing in front of the parade people I get to the next barricade. 

At the barricade, I see it, floats, floats and groups of Italian men dancing and parading around in feathered hats as far as the eye can see.  In a false irony, an Italian American parade is preventing me from having an Italian American sandwich for lunch.  Crestfallen, I need to work my way back across town and eat something vaguely resembling a quesadilla from Cinnamon Snail, distraught that I would not be eating a fine Italian sandwich. 

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